not las vegas is a really cool band
 Not Las Vegas is a New York City based Americana band fronted by
 singer/songerwriter Gregory Lee Pickard of the Revelons. Their sound
 is a blend of folk, country, rockabilly and gospel served up with distinct  
 "punk" sensibilities. The band is comprised of all-star musicians and often 
 features guest artists. Unique, quirky and often irreverent songs are
 performed on both traditional folk and electric instruments creating a
 sound that is truly distinctive.
TThe Players    
CBGB circa 1980
Max's Kansas City circa 1979
CBGB 10/8/06
Bowery Ballroom 2008
Gregory Lee Pickard
Dana Duquet
Nels Pierce
Jimmy Wynbrandt
Mark Suall

Alda Reserve, Hillbilly Peckers

Jay Dee Dougherty
Patti Smith Group

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Title. Double click here.
Fred Smith

The Uptown Horns
Tammy Tyree
St. John the Divine Chorale

Lee Maribai

Buddhist Kirton Recording Artist

Stephen Bray
Tommy Mandel
Bryan Adams, Dire Straits
Mark Lerner
Life in a Blender, Oswalds
July 4th 2015,
Lake Murray
Backstage, Max's, 1980
Heading down to the ladies room, CBGB
All Inquiries: 646-858-7635
All New Line-up for 2017!
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 Mikey Magill, Bass Ukulele
 Mike Shapiro, Busdriver
 Matthew Applebaum,
 Non-professional, lead guitarist
 Gregory Lee Pickard, Mule Skinner
2017 Performance Dates

June 29th, Sidewalk Cafe'  11PM

June 30th, Parkside Lounge  10PM

August 3, Otto's Shrunken Head 7:30PM

August 10th, Bowery Electric TBA

Not Las Vegas is currently on hiatus. See you in 2019!
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